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Blog post: What’s going on at the old Blue Cross building?!

While driving on 15-501 between Durham and Chapel Hill on Sunday, drinking some coffee, listening to the radio, I turned to look at the old Blue Cross building and this was the sight. The lovely, now-classic campus was — it looked like it was being destroyed!

This was sad, and nausea-inducing. This is awful.

Blue Cross sold this building — is it a spaceship? It is very “Star Trek”-y — in 2015. State Employees’ Credit Union snapped it up. Blue Cross left in 2016.

So I contacted SECU to see what was going on at the site.

SECU said I should contact Chapel Hill and N.C. Department of Transportation.

So I emailed Chapel Hill, the public information officers for which said the clear-cutting was being done for a joint development between SECU, Wegmans, Chapel Hill and N.C. DOT.

Well, here are the plans.

Six-lane entrance from 15-501 cutting into the old Blue Cross campus, swerving through where the trees used to be so it can come out the other side to create a connection with the new Wegmans, under construction also on 15-501.

As the song goes, “They paved paradise, put up a … .”

Upset and sad and still nauseous, I emailed SECU back to say, Well it is a SECU project after all, and ask why they wanted to clear-cut trees on a landmark building and campus they sought to buy.

SECU had no comment.

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  1. Shelly J Lyons says

    Thank you for working to find out why this tree massacre happened. It sickened me the same way it did you. That was such a beautiful place to spend time, a pretty little campus with all those enormous old trees and stretches of green grass. I hate how nature is destroyed so make way for cement, asphalt and traffic. I had a feeling it had something to do with Wegmans. Grrr!


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