Month: March 2021

Opinion: West Point is for all of Durham

When I think back on my experiences of West Point, it has always felt country, a drive away from the city center, and a place that I don’t really get to most of the time, busy with life and work. In the ‘90s, when I was growing up, it was the place of crowded, sweaty Eno River Festival. In the Aughts, when I was a reporter at The Herald-Sun, it was still a place for the annual crowded, sweaty, fun, Eno River Festival. Crafts, food, the mill, stalls of people selling things. It was so Durham. But in the past year when I’ve gone to West Point to write about the development slated for Black Meadow Ridge, something has changed. North Durham feels smaller, meaner – and during the summer, even rotten. It should feel like a trip to go from the Super Target and Sam’s Club area, where The Herald-Sun’s office used to be. But nowadays, it does not. There is something that has changed in Durham that made going to West Point in …

Neighbors to city council: “Urgent need to correct the zoning”

– Neighbors point out the developer’s proposal is based on the wrong plan from decades ago, highlight the increased flooding on the Eno River. 
– Developer and partners: Environmental impacts have “no relation to the issues presented” and invoke memories of Margaret Nygard.
– Black Meadow Ridge, West Point and water quality.

“I am here to impress upon you the urgent need to correct the zoning of Black Meadow Ridge,” said Arienne Cheek…