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Blog post: Reactions to the Russia-Ukraine conflict so far. The good, the bad, the completely unhinged

By Monica Chen 

World leaders, celebrities and even social media figures have revealed where they truly stand on some fundamental attitudes during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

One of the best moments has been from Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister. On March 13, a day after Iran launched missiles toward the American consulate in Iraq, it was not our President Joe Biden who provided assurances and clarity on what was going on, but Netanyahu. 

Here was Netanyahu warning the American public about a new nuclear deal with Iran and the possibility of Iran developing intercontinental missiles that could strike this country.

Netanyahu in that moment showed what responsible leadership when it comes to military power could look like on the world stage. It was also normal leadership, the kind that used to take place more predictably during the Aughts.

When another country attacks our country abroad, it shouldn’t be the Israeli Prime Minister to tell us what happened. The media used to at least ask the basic questions. But it’s 2022, and the media helped the Biden administration sweep the missile attack under the rug.

Other leaders have not been as responsible as Netanyahu. This is a blog post looking at the warmongers of the political elite in America, to narcissistic virtue-signalling in Hollywood, and also the MAGA crowd’s opportunistic use of the conflict to shame women — and China at the same time, amazingly.

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