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The Biden administration’s heartless response to Nashville

By Monica Chen

This past week was another reminder that the Biden administration has no interest and is incapable of responding to real crises, to real victims.

And Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the situation even more dangerous, with her every statement on Nashville seeming to want to push the country into civil war.

Jean-Pierre is the worst person to have at the front of the White House talking to the country during a crisis.

Here’s a rundown of the administration’s truly awful — disgusting — behavior after a trans shooter in Nashville killed three kids and three teachers last Monday.

President Joe Biden, immediately talking about ice cream and “good-looking kids”:

First Lady Jill Biden managed to eke out only this tweet:

Here’s how Jean-Pierre treated Nashville, as political leverage and that alone, and was angry when that did not work. She refused to do the obvious thing, which was to support the victims above the perpetrator.

Monday, March 27:

At her first press briefing after the shootings in Nashville, Jean-Pierre started it by immediately pushing for an assault weapons ban. She also didn’t even get the number of people who were killed right. It was three kids and three adults, not six kids.


Jean-Pierre went on “Morning Joe,” desperately, angrily pushing for gun control legislation. This was after it came out that the shooter was a girl who identified as trans, who had obvious mental health problems.


Two days after the tragedy, Jean-Pierre was pushing gun control rhetoric into gun confiscation, becoming increasingly authoritarian. Again, no talk about the actual problem, which was the shooter, trans ideology and mental health problems in this country.


The coldest moment. After using the victims of the Nashville shootings for politics all week, she came out in support of the “trans community,” the perpetrator in this crime.

Then, she would not support legislation to increase security in schools.

When children die, Jean-Pierre offers sympathy to their killer, then on top of that, refuses to protect other children from harm.

When people look back on Jean-Pierre’s time as the White House press secretary, this is the moment they should remember.


During a press gaggle on Air Force One, she once again calling for sympathy for the trans community.

Here’s a question:

Does Jean-Pierre even like communicating? So much of her behavior shows someone who’d rather be in a back office, looking over ledgers — a technical person, now in a position not to communicate, but to dictate and manage. And when the public cannot be managed, she doubles down on destruction.

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