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A very telling White House briefing

By Monica Chen

Maybe it was because she was in a good mood because the cast of “The L Word” were there, but Karine Jean-Pierre let many things slip at Tuesday’s White House press briefing.

The biggest being this eye-opening exchange:

Will the president serve all eight years? A reporter asked, referring to President Joe Biden’s age. He is 80.

“I’m just not gonna get ahead of the president. That’s something for him to decide. I’m just not gonna get ahead of it.”

What? Decide what? Did Biden not announce his re-election bid and launched a slick campaign ad earlier that day?

Jean-Pierre threw the public and the media into confusion with that response. Why did she say that? Her answer made no sense.

But then people might recall, as I did, the news from a couple months ago:

Ah. How is Biden’s health now? Was it just a lesion? Has the cancer spread? Has he, as we watch him stiffly bumble from event to event, declined?

Jean-Pierre’s answer would make sense in this context of ill health for Biden.

“That’s something for him to decide.” Meaning he needs to decide if he’s healthy enough, or if he will want to step down halfway through his term and Kamala Harris will become president.

Speaking of eye-opening, read this backtracking tweets from Jean-Pierre with the truth being “Biden is too sick to serve out a second term and we all know it,” in the back of your mind.

How easy is it for Jean-Pierre to lie through her teeth?

And then, further realizing she made a big mistake, she reinforced the “age” issue with this retweet later Tuesday evening:

The gaslighting with the Biden administration’s is at fine-tuned, expert levels. But every so often, when someone is relaxed and jovial, they can’t help but let the truth slip.

If Biden’s health really is that bad, then he needs to come clean with voters before the election, not after.

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