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Blog post: FEMA, Biden and Rolling Fork

By Monica Chen

There have already been several major disasters in the country this year. One of them were the tornadoes that tore through a part of Mississippi, primarily Rolling Fork, in March. Looking back at that disaster, a couple things caught my attention.

First, did FEMA really tweet about counseling before food, water and shelter? For a disaster that leveled a town and left at least 25 dead?

Second, President Joe Biden visited Rolling Fork a few days later.

In that speech, he said:

“Folks, I know there’s a lot of pain. It’s hard to believe that in a moment like this, this community is going to be rebuilt, and built back better than it was before.”

“We’re not just here for today. I’m determined that we’re going to leave nothing behind. We’re going to get it done for you.”

He outlined federal disaster assistance for Mississippi. As of late April, FEMA and the U.S. Small Business Administration already had granted $17.5 million to survivors, according to news reports.

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