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Why has Biden still not visited the Covenant School?!

By Monica Chen

It’s been nearly two months since a deranged shooter killed three children and three adults at the Covenant School in Nashville, but President Joe Biden still has not visited the school and the victims.

Why? How can that be?

To date, only First Lady Jill Biden has met with the victims, when she visited a memorial vigil at the school that Wednesday. When Vice President Kamala Harris went to Tennessee in April, it was to support the “Tennessee Three.”

This has been another painful reminder of how the Biden administration often treats the victims of tragedies as nuisances that are getting in the way of their schedules, or worse, outright spits in the face of their grieving families.

Late March was a storm of two disasters. One was the tornadoes that ripped through a part of Mississippi on Friday, March 24. The Covenant School shootings then immediately followed and took place on Monday, March 27. Three children, all 9 years old, and three adults — the headmaster, a substitute teacher and a custodian — were killed by a deranged “trans” shooter.

The next day, Biden came to Durham to tout his “Investing in America” economic plan at Wolfspeed Inc. That was on Tuesday, March 28.

On Wednesday, March 29, Jill Biden went to Nashville. On Friday, March 31, President Biden didn’t go to Nashville but to Rolling Fork, Miss., a town destroyed by the tornadoes. He stood in front of that devastation and said, “Folks, I know there’s a lot of pain. And this community is going to be rebuilt, and built back better than it was before.” He added, “We’re not just here for today. I’m determined that we’re going to leave nothing behind. We’re going to get it done for you.”

By contrast, Biden has not made a single trip to Nashville. No speech for building back that school. No promise for the authorities to stay and help the community figure out what happened and how to prevent that violence from happening again in the future.

Biden should have cancelled the event at Wolfspeed that Tuesday and immediately gone to Nashville instead.

Why have the Covenant School and their traumatized and grieving students and families been left out in the cold by this president? And why has the media not called attention to this?

Biden was first disrespectful toward the situation when he opened his remarks on it at a women’s business luncheon that Monday by talking about ice cream. Then, he launched immediately into the political push for gun control first, before giving any sympathy to the victims and before even knowing what the reason for the shootings was.

In fact, the White House hasn’t even tweeted about the Covenant School or Nashville. It has ignored the tragedy completely.

This administration has no empathy and the media refuses to hold them accountable.

Here is the first vigil for the Covenant School shooting victims that took place that Tuesday evening. The president of this country should’ve been there.

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