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What Russia has uncovered about the biolabs in Ukraine — so far

By Monica Chen

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War, Russia has been outspoken about the presence of biolabs in Ukraine that are funded by the U.S. government. Here’s what they’ve said so far:

Shortly after the Russia military went into Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian Mission to the United Nations was raising alarms about the presence of biological laboratories in the country — that they were being used to conduct experiments on Ukrainian citizens with the approval of the Ukrainian government. This was in violation of the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

The presence of these biolabs was also confirmed by the Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., in March 2022:

In April 2022, Russia announced it had uncovered horrifying acts by the U.S. government in Ukraine, including experiments on psychiatric patients in the Kharkov region:

Throughout the spring of 2022, Russia announced new findings on the biological laboratories in Ukraine and pushed for meetings at the U.N. on these labs.

Russia in particular highlighted the role of the U.S. in their proliferation.

In May 2022, the Russian government announced several bombshell findings, including that the biolabs in Ukraine were being used to funnel money to the U.S. Democratic Party. This slide was part of a presentation shared by the Russian Ministry of Defense:

Thus, through the US executive branch, a legislative framework for funding military biomedical research directly from the federal budget was formed. Funds were raised under state guarantees from NGOs controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden.

– Russian Ministry of Defense

Russia also said in May 2022 that other countries have followed the U.S. and opened their own biolabs in Ukraine, such as Germany:

The German government has decided to launch a national biosafety programme independent of Washington, D.C., starting in 2013. Twelve countries, including Ukraine, are involved in the Programme. …

New documents reveal that between 2016 and 2019 alone, three and a half thousand blood serum samples of citizens living in 25 regions of Ukraine were taken by military epidemiologists from the Bundeswehr Microbiology Institute.

And Poland:

The participation of the Polish Institute of Veterinary Medicine in research aimed at assessing the epidemiological threats and spread of the rabies virus in Ukraine has been confirmed. Characteristically, the research in question was carried out jointly with the US-based Battelle Institute, a key contractor for the Pentagon.

On Germany’s biolobs in Ukraine, Russia pointedly asked this at the U.N.:

Indeed, in June, the U.S. Department of State said it in fact had 46 biolabs in Ukraine. That was part of this press release:

Has censorship stopped at Twitter? This tweet by the Russian Mission to the U.N. in July was grayed out for “sharing false or misleading information”:

In October, Russia drafted a resolution for the U.N. Security Council to set up a commission to investigate the U.S. and Ukraine’s development of biological weapons.

Two days later, the U.N. put out this announcement:

It was apparently a very fast “investigation.” The article said:

The UN’s High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Izumu Nakamitsu, had previously informed ambassadors – first in March, and then again in May – that the UN had seen no evidence of biological weapons use in Ukraine. 

“This remains the case today,” her Deputy, Adedeji Ebo, told the Council. 

In November, the Security Council voted down Russia’s resolution. China voted with Russia. The U.S., United Kingdom and France voted against the resolution. And 10 countries abstained.

In April of this year, the Russian government said the U.S. had resumed biolabs in Ukraine last October:

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