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Anna Edwards jokes with her sister, Destinee, as she works on the pattern for a friend’s wedding dress.

Creative Durham: Stitching together her future

Introducing “Creative Durham,” a new feature profiling artists, artisans and intrepid hobbyists in the Triangle area, and beyond! Inspired by the creative spirit of the Aughts, rooted in the DIY culture of Durham, this feature is dedicated to the simple joy of doing, how we express ourselves and how the process of doing can even define and redefine who we are. I hope you will read and enjoy! – Monica Chen Hidden throughout Anna Edwards’ home in Durham are portraits she painted of her family, glassware she made, clothes and cards she has made. There are yards of delicate white lace, an old piano, and even a mannequin named Roxanne. Such is the home of someone who is interested in many forms of crafts and arts. Asked what she’s most interested in, and the words tumble out fast and with excitement, as if there are too many different pieces, all shining and soft and beautiful, that she’s anxious to stitch together. Edwards, 26, studied fashion at Meredith College. Since then, she has found her interests …