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“The Dream of the Earth” by Thomas Berry

When the Catholic priest Thomas Berry died in 2009, obituaries were not sure what to call him. “Cultural historian” was the preferred title. “Theologian” didn’t quite encompass his work, and he had preferred the term “geologian” instead. Born in Greensboro in 1914, Berry studied Asian languages and religions, Native American culture, founded the graduate program on religions at Fordham University, among other studies and work throughout his life — all in the search of a spirituality that combines religion and nature. In “The Great Work,” Berry wrote about his profound spiritual experience at a meadow when he was 11 years old. The experience was the basis for his spiritual development and intellectual thought for the rest of his life. “Whatever preserves and enhances this meadow in the natural cycles of its transformations is good, what is opposed to this meadow or negates it is not good,” he wrote. Berry’s writing is soft yet powerful. It flows, and is difficult to quote and pull from. You end up reading the whole book but not being able …

Nature gallery

The glories of the season came alive at UNC’s Coker Arboretum on Thursday after an overcast and rainy week. The Persian Ironwood’s honey yellow leaves on its wide canopy caught the sunlight and glowed. On the ground, its leaves mingled with the golden leaves of a nearby Ginkgo. The Ginkgo also provided the perfect place to sit for Jorge Vallecillo, and other students also took advantage of the warm day to catch some sun. Also pictured: A Ginkgo made some golden tinsels for nearby building. The curve and flared out branches of a California Incense-Cedar and the leaves of a Trident Maple. Photos by Monica Chen