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Gallery: Scenes from the NCGOP Convention

Delegates, vendors and demonstrators flocked to the NCGOP Convention in Greenville on Saturday. Selling their wares, holding up pro-Trump signs and chatting with other attendees, the crowd was energized by the prospect of catching a glimpse of the former President Donald Trump. “Maybe I’ll see him pass by, in the motorcade,” one demonstrator said. A man who wanted to be called “Cosmos A Clown” waved flags to passing motorists and danced. Some of them jeered, but he took it in stride. “Clowns, we don’t get the respect we deserve, so I’m here to support our President Donald Trump.” Check out our photo gallery of the day below:

Photo gallery: The coronavirus crisis through the eyes of a photographer

Terror. Exhaustion. Bewilderment. Disappointment. Sadness. Anger. Despair? Hope? What are the emotions that we have experienced during the past month as the coronavirus crisis spread around the world? All of these and too many others. As the world began shutting down in March, photographer Bernard Thomas went into the world with his camera. Using his decades of experience and memories of Durham as staff photographer at The Herald-Sun, Thomas took photos of his day-to-day impressions of Durham as the crisis unfolded. The result is a powerful collection of images of sadness and desolation. And yes, there is hope. To view individual images on separate screens, click on the thumbnails below.